Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What follows is a letter mailed to the Index Tribune.
Dear Editor, Index-Tribune

"The Index-Tribune" recently printed two articles. One article about the masses who populated the field across the road from Infineon Raceway and another about a man offering drugs to and mooning children. David Bolling, in an opinion piece, commented on the state of the mental-health institutions. Because of shortages in and closing of institutions many criminals are imprisoned and released without proper evaluation and treatment. NASCAR also happened to be in town the same weekend as the mooning incident. I'm fearful to connect the dots and deduce that this man was left behind by his race-car caravan.

The mental-health system is facing a problem. "Frontline" aired a piece recently on TV, "The New Asylums." In the program, it was reported that Ohio is facing a prison-system overload, and a large percentage of inmates are mentally imbalanced. But, because of a lack of proper institutions, many are released without proper treatment and follow-through. For instance, one inmate, in an interview, admitted to voting for Bush when off
his medication.
But, perhaps our mental-health institutions are not as broken as some may claim. There is still one institution which is easily accessible to those in need of care. That institution is even within our own Valley and provides adequate care for those in need. It's NASCAR ... and medication comes in a blue plastic cup.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An Ode To Doughnuts

I oft find then them making way to my belly.
These deep friend treats made of cake and stuffed with jelly.

They accompany coffee perhaps tea.
Some enjoy one others two, three.

Dashed with sprinkles and ladeled with glaze
Always in formation amid the morning haze.

Such an economic treat that they are!
A dollar or two will take you far.

The helpful clerk hands over the treat
In a waxen paper bag nice and neat.

Savor the taste of that first bite.
A small sip of coffee and all us just right.